Craft Room Inspiration: Pinterest Edition

At this point I’m sure It’s no secret that I’m envious of people with the luxury of having a craft room/studio. My stuff is pretty much all in a closet that is packed full of crap. These spaces have me especially turning green:

I love this idea! (via)

This needs to happen in my closet. (via)

Such a good idea! I love the embroidery floss hanging. (via)


My reaction when I saw this photo was literally a jaw drop. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I must make it mine.(via)

Once I get a new part for my sewing machine, I’m totally making these. (via)

And just because this is awesome:




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2 responses to “Craft Room Inspiration: Pinterest Edition

  1. I have absolutely no room for a crafting space in my apartment, but I looooooove that first pin with the jars. I’m totally going to do that with spices in the kitchen!

  2. hmmm…I think you would have to be pathologically tidy by nature for any of those to work for more than a week.

    my house has three spare rooms – one for my fabric stash, one for a workshop, and one for silversmithing, but I still seem to have sewing detritus all over the place.

    but that might just be cos am a lazy cow

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