Needle Felting on Fabric

After I rediscovered my love for needle felting the other day I decided to try something a little different. I had always seen needle felting done on fabric, but had never taken the time to try it myself. It was so easy, and fun.

I’m not really sure of the proper way to do this, I just kind of winged it. I did mine with the fabric in the embroidery hoop already, to keep it tight and so I knew exactly where everything would line up.

   Despite Bryan referring to it as “Godzilla Bird,” I still think it is cute.



Filed under Fabric, needle felt

2 responses to “Needle Felting on Fabric

  1. Rida

    Haha I wish I hadn’t read about the Godzilla bird comment because that made me look at it differently and think, ‘yeah maybe that bird is a little too big!’ Hehe I think this is a realllyyy nice combination..felt on fabric! The texture feel seems so good

  2. HA! It totally is Godzilla. But it looks great! I love the contrasting textures.

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