Reading in Style

I don’t remember if I shared my exciting news on here, but a little while back Bryan surprised me with a Kindle! So what was the first thing I did? Naturally I didn’t download a book for it, I went to etsy and ordered the cutest cover I could find.


I probably could have made one myself, but I was feeling way lazy, and this one was exactly what I wanted. I love it!

Something else I love today? This giveaway over at Unapologetically Mundane! Ch-ch-check it out!


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One response to “Reading in Style

  1. The cover was the thing I was most excited about with my Kindle, too! I’m kind of jealous when I see people on the subway holding their Kindles without a cover–it’s so cute and light without the bulky cover–but I’m too particular about my things to not protect them. I love the pockets on this one!

    (Thanks for the plug! I’m sad my site was having problems last week, but hopefully the entries will pick up today.)

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