Old Embroidery Turned New

Back in June I decided I was going to do embroideries of a series of states including their landmarks (I called it “Know Your Roots”). I got as far as Michigan and Florida and then I got bored. Probably because this is when I first started really embroidering, and I was still slow at it. ADD kicked in. I finally decided to make something out of the Michigan one.




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5 responses to “Old Embroidery Turned New

  1. Oh, I just love it. I mean, I know Ohio and Michigan are supposed to be bitter rivals and all because of football and the battle over Toledo, but I have a soft spot for my neighbor state.

  2. This looks brilliant – you should so do some more if you can bear it!

  3. love, love, love your michigan pillow! i love the old souvenir (sp?) pillows and tablecloths that one can buy at flea markets, etc., and you’ve really captured that feeling! it’s inspired me to make one for ohio (my state, obv.!) saw your project over on wild olive. very nice!

  4. Jen

    That’s great! It looks wonderful (and not just saying that because it’s my home state, really.)

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