Hair Evolution

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, and it is way overdue. I’m lucky enough to have one of my best friends, Carrie, as a cosmetologist, so she always gives me an awesome cut and color. Planning what I’m going to get done next made me want to look back and get nostalgic of past styles. So here is the last five years of my hair, in chronological order (try not to laugh too hard at some of them).


 Also 2007

 This quickly faded to a gross pink color, it was a brief stint in 2008.

 2009, with my little sister. This was my natural hair color, natural wave, no brush, braided halfway up everyday sorta phase.


 2010 as well, and this is when I would always braid yarn into my hair. This is the worst.

 2011. One night, probably six months prior to this photo, in a drunken state Bryan and I decided to cut my hair. So, I put it in a ponytail and he chopped it. He at least left my dread for me (I miss my dread now). My friend Carrie fixed what was the worst haircut ever for me, and I’ve had short hair since.

 2011. I didn’t have a mohawk, I swear, it was just windy that day. I did have pretty much no hair on the right side of my head though.


So what’s up for 2012? I’m going for something like this:
(I love Michelle Williams so much.)

Not too much different then what I have right now, but I love it!



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5 responses to “Hair Evolution

  1. Horray! That’s what I did… the Michelle Williams cut! Awesome!

  2. I like the short hair on you best! Great look! And the Michelle Williams look will definitely suit you as well.

  3. Oh, gosh, I love nostalgic hair posts. My scrapbooks are basically a follow-Katie-as-she-grows-out-her-hair-and-then-immediately-cuts-it-again montage.

    I definitely like shorter hair better on you (and basically everyone!). That Michelle cut is going to look awesome.

  4. 1. You are so pretty!

    2. I am thoroughly convinced that you are the only person in the whole, wide world who can look good with that many radically different hairstyles. The short hair + 1 dread combination notwithstanding. Everybody has an off day now and then.

    3. I need to know more about that red lipstick you’re wearing in the last photo of you.

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