DIY Braided Felt Bracelet

Hello fellow craft lovers! I’ve got another simple and cute tutorial for you all.

I’m always a fan of fabric jewelry and accessories, but a lot of the times I’ll make a bracelet of this sort, and they only way it can come off is by cutting it. That doesn’t always work for me, especially with my job. So I decided to make this:

Step One:

Cut three strips of felt, either the same color or different. The nice thing about working with felt is that you don’t have to finish the edges off, because they don’t fray!

Step Two:
Braid your three pieces together, and tie the ends (I just used a piece of floss).

 Step Three:

Cut two rectangular pieces for the ends. This is where your bracelet will attach.

Sandwich the  two pieces to your braided piece.

Step Four: 

Sew the ends together. I just did it by hand with a backstitch, and used floss. You could also do it on the sewing machine if you wanted a less visible seam.

Step Five: 

Now you need to create a way to attach your bracelet. I used a button, so I snipped a hole just big enough for the button to fit through.



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2 responses to “DIY Braided Felt Bracelet

  1. Oh, I LOVE the button! I actually like that side way better than the braided side. Not nearly enough buttons in jewelry, I say. The hand-stitching makes it that much cuter.

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