A New 30 Day Challenge

Hello, Monday! Today I am starting a new 30 Day Challenge. Lately I have been snacking on too many sweets,  and junk food. I think I’m still in Holiday mode. So, for the next 30 days (which will hopefully turn into many more days) I vow to cut the junk. No chocolate, no chips, no candy, nothing like that. Can I do it? Of course I can! I just need you lovely people to hold me to it, thus the announcement.

I have mega stomach problems, and most foods are ones that I should  be avoiding. I’m hoping this will get my back on track with the diet I should be following (and my appointment with my specialist next Monday…finally!), and I’d like to eventually get myself on a 70% raw diet. Do any of you have any experience with this sort of diet? Give me advice, I demand it!

So for now, goodbye sweets!
I’ll miss you…that is until I stop feeling sick, then I’ll be happy you’re gone.



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2 responses to “A New 30 Day Challenge

  1. Good luck! Hope the appointment with the specialist goes well. My only suggestion is use a blender. You can mix most anything up and can make some really healthy and interesting drinks. Carrots mix well with most anything, pears help take the edge of mixtures that are tarty or too acidic. Use yogurt, breakfast drinks (Ensure, Boost, etc.), juices, and frozen fruit or ice as your liquid. I’m still discovering all kinds of wonderful tastes! Best, Caroline

  2. Good Luck! I have no experience with Raw diets! But I would love to hear what you learn! I have the same problem with food! My weakness is Fast Food because I am always on the go! It is so easy on my way to school in the morning, or lunch at school, or a snack on my way home! Need to stop! Need to get healthy and hopefully save money!

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