DIY: Embroidered Necklaces

Today I have a DIY to share for my new favorite medium to display little embroideries. I’ve been making embroidered/fabric necklaces. They’re so easy, and so cute!

Here’s what you need to make them:
(plus an exacto knife for the cardboard if you have one.)

1. The first thing you do is trace the size of the bezel onto your fabric.
After you trace it, embroider your design onto the fabric. Keep in mind that you want it to be a tad smaller than your traced shape, since that was the size from the outside and not the inside.

2. Cut our your embroidery, and your cardboard (which you also trace with your bezel piece…you’ll have to trim it down a bit).

3. Then you hot glue the piece of fabric to the piece of cardboard.
I tried using E6000 glue for some, and various other craft glues, hot glue seemed to work best for me. I’m thinking I’m also going to try some without the cardboard, and just glue the fabric in so it is sunken into the bezel.

4. Hot glue your cardboard piece with the fabric to the bezel. Put your chain, hemp, string, or whatever you chose onto the piece.
Ta-da! Super easy, and such a cute touch to an outfit. I’ve been wanting to make one for quite sometime (Bryan got me something similar for our anniversary last summer), and I’m now constantly thinking of new ones to make.

I think these two are my favorite:

I also have a winner in this months giveaway! Gillian of Craftzilla is the lucky winner! Congrats, lady! You also won this little necklace as a bonus!:



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8 responses to “DIY: Embroidered Necklaces

  1. These are so cute, I don’t know anyone who has a necklace like this so I might try make one with a blue background and a little cloud 🙂



  2. Oh, I love these! You can tell how out of the crafting world I am that I’ve never seen blank bezels like this anywhere before. I actually think it’s beautiful just on its own! The triangle one is my favourite, though.

  3. I love these!! Thank you so much for sharing how to make them!

  4. Very cute! Going to have to try! I have wanted to start embroidering for awhile!

  5. I love these! I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it. I just started my first embroidery project, and these look like a good way to ease in. Thanks!

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