Tiny Little Apartment Updates

Bryan and I have been living in this tiny little one bedroom apartment for about a year and a half now, and we are still trying to create more space and make it more “us.” Today I found these pictures of what it looked like when we first moved in. Ignore the bad quality and piles of crap, we were still unpacking.

We used to have so much more crap!


Pretty terrible, right? This is what things are looking like now…

Anyone know of a place to get a slipcover at a reasonable price?


I’m hoping to make a trip to Ikea in the not so distant future, and I want to get a new coffee table, kitchen table, bookshelf, and tv stand. I’m excited to have new pieces and ones that actually match!


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One response to “Tiny Little Apartment Updates

  1. Well, I for one think it’s adorable and very you. You know, from what I know of you. It doesn’t have any signs of your being a serial killer nor kitten-strangler, so that’s a start. Although that little green lattice box would be perfect for storing the teeth of your victims, had you any.

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