Neon Lions

It is no secret that I’ve been slowly trying to transform Bryan and I’s tiny little apartment into something that seems a little bit more like us, and less like random pieces of furniture. Lately paint and a paint brush have been my best friend. I’m always keeping my eyes open for something i can “update” in our home.

I bought this lion chest probably almost four years ago now from Salvation Army. I think I bought it for something like a dollar. I’ve always wanted to paint it to lighten things up a little bit, but I was scared to mess it up. I finally said screw it.




I also spray painted the green table it sits on a month or so ago, it was a fake wood dark brown type of deal.

I also updated this shelving unit hanging above our toilet:

I still have a few touch-ups to do on it, but I love the brightness of it.


ps. Click here for free stuff!

pps. I’m taking the weekend off- see you Monday!

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