Featured Etsy Shop: Soapopotamus


Bryan found an Etsy shop the other day that I am now obsessed with. It is run by a lovely gal named Regina, and it is called Soapopotamus. She sells the most original handmade soap I have ever seen, and they are all goat milk soaps!

     (click images to view sources)

Can you believe these are even soap? So, when I saw the soaps Bryan was looking at I expected them to be at least twenty dollars. But…the average cost of these little jems is only five dollars. FIVE! I’m having a hard time deciding which one to buy…what is your favorite?


ps. Isn’t my new featured banner awesome? A lovely gal named Carolyn name it for me as an art trade. Thanks, Carolyn!


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5 responses to “Featured Etsy Shop: Soapopotamus

  1. Those are unbelievable. I love the teeth!

  2. Jen

    Those are amazing! The teeth are so cool 🙂 I’m going to look through her shop now!

  3. Love the toast!
    Thanks for sharing

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