Handmade Christmas

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas always seems to come and go. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I figured since my blog is all about handmade, I’d share some of the handmade gifts I received this year!

One of my best girlfriends, Lauren, found this piece for me and painted the frame. Isn’t it so cute?! She also made me a patchouli candle in a little baby mason jar. Thanks, Laur!

 One of the presents I got from Bryan’s parents. It is a silk scarf with needle felted flowers on it. I’m almost scared to wear it because it is so pretty! They got it at an art show, it is made by Nile Kramer.

 My dad’s girlfriend found this piece for me at an antique shop. It is little owls made out of fingerprints! Isn’t it so great? I love owls, and this old timey style so much. It’s already hanging up in our apartment.

 My friend Carrie made the ornament on the left. It’s a cookie cutter with fabric hot glued to the back. Such a good idea! My Grandma made the ornament on the right, it is cross stitched and then she hot glued little stars to it.

 My Grandma also made Bryan and I this piece. Isn’t it seriously beautiful? This cross stitch must have taken so long, it is so detailed! This picture doesn’t even do it justice. I need to find a frame for it, and then hope that one day I can embroider as well as she cross stitches.

Did you get anything handmade this year?


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