Guest Post: Cassie of Sisters From Different Misters

DIY is the theme for all but I think one of my Christmas presents this year…so keeping with that theme, here is an awesome DIY gift idea from one of my sponsors, Cassie!

“Hello! I’m Cassie and I blog over at Sister’s From Different Misters. I have three kids aged four and under and in my ample amount spare time I like to draw and craft. I am also currently training for my first full marathon and major in sarcasm. But I’m seriously going to run a marathon. I only wish I was being sarcastic.

Anywho, this here is going to be a tutorial on how to make a knot ring in under 10 minutes from the comfort of your couch. It’s totally how MacGyver would do it.
Here’s what you need:

I used 20 gauge silver plated wire, needle nose pliers and a tube of lip balm. (And no, my lip balm isn’t really made out of chicken poop, relax.)
Here’s what you do!
With your needle nose pliers, measure about 3 inches of wire. To cut, bend the wire back and forth until it snaps. Simple.
Next, take your lip balm and wrap the wire around until both ends cross paths.
Then, you will want to take your needle nose pliers and create a hook so that it’s crossing over top of the other part of wire. Here’s where you want to resize it if you want it larger or smaller. Once you start to loop the wire, it’s game over on resizing. (You can resize it by pulling the two ends of wire away from each other to make the circle smaller, or push them together to make it larger. Common sense. I have it.)
This is when you get to start to be creative. You will want to take the wire and start to loop it around itself, creating a small circle of sorts, but don’t loop it under the other part of the wire, otherwise you’ll create a bump and it won’t feel right on your hand. (Apologies that the pictures aren’t the clearest to show the step. But, it’s also kind of instinctual.)
Lastly, you will take the final part of the wire that’s still straight and intertwine it with the existing loops. This takes some practice, but at the same time, it’s also where you get to have fun with it. The ends will be tucked towards the center of the knot so that it doesn’t scratch the skin and it will then look seamless.
This is how mine finished up. And I made it all while sitting on my couch watching hockey. (Let’s Go Pens!) One thing to watch out for is that this particular wire that I used is easily dented. Meaning, don’t squeeze too hard with the pliers or it will look and feel rough. It’s not the best quality wire, either, so don’t expect this to be something you’d find at Tiffany’s. That said, I’ve gotten many compliments on the rings I’ve made and worn and they’ve held up pretty well. They have a natural bend after a while, but you can just slip it back on your lip balm or something round to reshape it.
Good luck with it and keep at it. The wire is about 3 dollars, and you get many, many feet (6.5 to be exact) so you can screw up as much as you want. This is a cute last minute gift idea for a friend or family. Not that I’m doing that or anything…
Merry Christmas!
-xoxo, Cassie”

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One response to “Guest Post: Cassie of Sisters From Different Misters

  1. Just had to comment on this super-old post to say yay to guest posts! Especially from people I know!

    This is a super-cute idea. I’m already thinking of all of the things I’d weave into mine. Like little bits of hot dog and Ritter Sport to snack on throughout the day.

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