a photo that makes me smile.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but today is really a difficult day for me. All I will say is that I’ll be happy once midnight strikes and it is officially the 18th.

So for today I’m going to dedicate my post to a photo that makes me smile. I love this picture, him, and the fact that we made it through this loss together.

Oh hell, I can’t pick which one I like best, so here is some more!

ps. Sorry if it is taking me a minute to respond to emails and such, my internet is disconnected right now. But I still love you all, I swear!



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3 responses to “a photo that makes me smile.

  1. Oh, Liesi, I am so sorry for your loss. You are so kind to share. I lost my husband 9 yrs ago this New Year’s Eve (after being in the hospital for 18 days, including Christmas). This time of year is terribly hard. You sound so optimistic; thank you.

  2. Sheryl Smith

    Those pictures make me smile too. Hope tomorrow is better.

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