Trees, Saws, and Horses.

This weekend Bryan and I went with his family to cut down Christmas trees, it’s a fun tradition that they hold. Bryan’s parents got us our first real tree! I’m so excited about it, it’s so little and cute!

The first place we went to was a rip off, there were hardly any trees, there were maybe two good ones, and they were seriously over priced. Then we lucked out and found the best place ever, close to Indiana. They took you on a horse ride up to where you cut down the trees, had free hot chocolate, personalized ornaments, it was so great.

  Bevin, whose three, told us “I’m having so much fun with you guys!” Too freaking cute.


Our silly little tree! Isn’t it so cute?! Bryan’s parents got us those C and S ornaments (for our last names), they are made out of sweaters, they’re my favorite.

Then my step dad was in the state visiting, so we met for lunch. It was so nice to see him. We ate at Michigan Brewing, Co., talked about collectables, his and my mom’s recent trip to France, and his crazy students at Northern Arizona University.

It’s been a good couple of days. What have you been up to? Also, real tree or fake tree?


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