We’re Embroidered!

Hello! I finished the embroidery of Bryan and I, and I love it! It was in no way meant to be a serious depiction of us (obviously), and it turned out so cute…at least I think that. I might be biased though. Bryan says we look like Rugrat characters. So who should I take a stab at next? Maybe next time I won’t do it completely free hand…I ended up with a big face and a fat neck. Whoops.

 Oh, and Bryan shaved off his beard (booo)…so this isn’t so accurate anymore.



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13 responses to “We’re Embroidered!

  1. Rachael Miller

    Very cute!

  2. So cute! I love the texture in his former beard! How fun…

  3. I’m a blog friend of Katie’s from Unapologetically Mundane, just stopped by to show some love. These are TOO CUTE! Would you consider taking an order to do my family for Christmas?? Love it.

  4. My mission: Convince my boyfriend to get me one of these.

    Wait, you do sell them, right?! How much! Want!

  5. I’m also here because of Katie // Unapologetically Mundane and I think this is soo perfect!

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