Meet and Greet!

It is time for you to meet my lovely sponsors for the month of December! Be sure to stop by and say hello to them- they’re some wonderful and sassy gals!

 “Hello, crewelers and crewelests!  I’m Katie from Unapologetically Mundane, a blog about everyday life in New York City.  I grew up on a farm in Ohio, got myself an English degree, and then thought, “Hey, you know what’s a great idea?  Moving to NYC, where I know no one and which I know nothing about!”  It all worked out for the best, and I now have a lovely apartment in Brooklyn, a nerdy boyfriend who wears nothing but sweater vests, and a life I’d never believe could belong to little, ol’ me.  I love fancy meals full of foods I can’t pronounce, huge-apertured photography, and five-hour walks around unfamiliar neighborhoods.  I don’t craft myself but have an unhealthy obsession with those who do, hence my love of Too Crewel!”

 “My name is Lindsey.
I am a twenty-something blogger from Colorado.
My blog Lindseys and Wildflowers started out as a lifestyle blog about design, fashion, food, and all things pretty.
I feel it has turned into my creative outlet!
I love posting things that inspire me.
I am hosting 25 Days of Christmas Cheer, so come on over for link ups, recipes and DIYS!”

“I’m Gillian, a 20-something crafter from Canada, and lover of all things crafty, reused and beautiful! I live in Ontario with my boyfriend and cute cocker spaniel-poodle mix pup Jesse. Craftzilla Conquers the world is a blog where I share fun tutorials, thrifted finds, recipes, snippets and photos from my life (I won’t lie, there may be a lot of cute dog photos) as well as sneak peeks from my Etsy shop, Craftzilla Conquers.
What’s on my wishlist this Christmas: 
-time for crafting!
-time with family and cuddling the puppy!
-Santa, there had better be cheese! And chocolate!

Facebook Page

 “I’m a twenty-something year old married mother of three who stays sane by drawing and going to the gym. I also blog at Sisters From Different Misters where I vent, brag and post probably too many photos.”

So now that you have met them, i’d say it’s time to go get to know them a little better!



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3 responses to “Meet and Greet!

  1. Thanks again for the awesome opportunity! I’m going to link to you today and add your button to my sidebar to share the love!

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