Crochet Necklace

I’m trying to get the hang of this crocheting thing, but I think my fingers might be too dumb. I haven’t actually tried to make anything yet other then a single line (I don’t know the terminology), though. Maybe this weekend I’ll attempt a rag, but for now here is a peek at my new crocheted necklace I made. I’m thinking I’m going to add some sort of stone, or bead, or something on the right side of it to add a little jazz.



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3 responses to “Crochet Necklace

  1. I was taught as a kid how to make a chain, that was it, everything else I self taught, for crochet, and have in the last year started Knitting, and have made a few things so far mostly scarves, and a few hats by crochet, the one I made hubby doesnt win any beuty contests, but it keeps his head warm, except he refuses to wear during daylight lol, keep at it you can do it, if I can anyone can.

  2. I actually like the simplicity of this just as it is. You could braid them or whathaveyou, but the different lengths add a lot of interest to a t-shirt. I mean, but I still want to see them with a stone or bead.

  3. Wow crotcheted necklaces are a cool idea.

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