Embroidery In Progress…Portrait Style.

Recently I began my first attempt at doing an embroidered “portrait.”  I say it this way because it is not realistic, I did it completely free hand, and we’re going to have fat pink faces. But I’m excited about it! The embroidery is going to be Bryan and myself when it is complete. Bryan’s face is almost done, I just have to add ears, any touch-ups, and a shirt for him. I painted an old frame I randomly found in our closet white, and when it is finished it’s going to be hung in that.

Here is the progress:
(Bryan’s mouth is a triangle because his mouth really is shaped like one…and his face. He’s a triangle man.)
I’m hoping to finish it this week!

On another note my tutorial video of doing a back stitch and a split stitch is fixed! It now has audio, so here is the new one for your eyes!


PS: Don’t forget to enter the custom piece giveaway…it ends this Friday! 


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4 responses to “Embroidery In Progress…Portrait Style.

  1. I have a feeling this is going to be pretty cute. Can I look for any bacon to show up in the background?

  2. Sheryl

    Love this. Can’t wait to see it finished.

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