December Tutorials and Announcements

Welcome to a new month over at Too Crewel! Can you believe it is December already?! Since this month is all about giving, I’m going to be giving a couple of things to my readers. There is going to be an awesome giveaway (seriously, awesome!), attempts at new mediums, and tutorials (!!). I also have some new sponsors for the month that you’ll be meeting, and custom banners made for my blog to reveal!

I’ve gotten quite a few people telling me either through conversation, comments, or email, that they want to learn to embroider. Throughout the month I’m here to teach you! I’m going to start with the most basic stitches you need to know…and today I’m sharing my first video tutorial! Today introduces the back stitch, and the split stitch (nothing too exciting yet).

Edit: Youtube disabled my sound! How rude! I’ll let you know when it’s fixed 🙂

(I’m way awkward in front of a camera- sorry!)

Over the course of the month you will also learn (if you don’t already know!): a french knot, french knot with a stem, chain stitch, blanket stitch, overcast stitch, satin stitch, and satin blend stitch.


ps. Four new items are up on Etsy!


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2 responses to “December Tutorials and Announcements

  1. Your audio was disabled by YouTube! WTF!

    You must have been cursing and spewing racism like crazy, huh?

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