Be Jolly, By Golly.

This weekend I got myself into the Christmas spirit. Bryan was gone hunting in the Upper Peninsula, so when he comes home tonight I wanted the apartment to be cozy with Holiday decor.

The first thing I did was take down my fall leaf banner, and make a “Merry Christmas” one.

(we have awful lighting in our apartment)

This is Bryan and I’s third Christmas together, and our second one since living together. Last year we had no room for a tree, and this year we won’t be able to afford one. So yesterday I got cardboard from work, cut it into a Christmas tree shape, painted it, and cut out some felt pieces to decorate it. I’d like to find a refrigerator box (or something similar in size) to make a larger one, and punch holes in it so we could hang actual ornaments onto it that I’ve been making, but in the meantime this will do!

Now for some mistletoe, snow flakes, and whatever else I can think up…


PS. Today is the last day to enter a double giveaway over at Wild Olive!


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5 responses to “Be Jolly, By Golly.

  1. I always go to see my family in Ohio for Christmas and therefore never have a tree here in NYC, but one year, my roommate made one on the wall out of different colors of duct tape! It was pretty rad. (And stayed up until the next Christmas, haha.)

    I love the visible stitching on the letters of your banner! And now I have to write you an e-mail.

  2. Rachael

    I think you need to make your lovely sister a christmas ornament.

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