One Hundred Already?!

Hi lovelies! Today marks my 100th post on Too Crewel! I can’t believe I’m already five months, and 100 posts in. It seems like just yesterday I pressed publish on my first wimpy little post. It is interesting to look back and see how much you change in such a short time, and to see the evolution of your interests. I believe I’m finally to a point where I know what I want this blog to focus on.

I’ve been reading 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo (written by Bryan Allain), and it is really helping, and really enjoyable to read! Day two involved putting yourselves in the seat of your readers, and picking out the five things you dislike the most about your blog, and the five things you liked best. This exercise made me realize I hated my previous layout, I mean, don’t get me wrong…it was cute as hell, but it looked like I was writing about babies. Uhm, no thank you (no offense to any babies who might be reading). So here it is…my new layout! It is still a work in progress (I need to resize my header…hello pixilation), but I think it gives new readers more of an idea what I’m all about.

So what will my next 100 posts be about? Well…I’m glad you asked!

For the month of December I think it would be awesome if I could gather a group of artists, crafters, creatives, whatever and pick a theme. I’m thinking once we get a theme we could all make something that we think represents it. It could be one thing, or thirty. It could be an embroidery, or a sculpture. So…if anyone is seriously interested in doing this leave me a comment or send me an email!

A while back I had the idea of artists making some sort of pattern (digitally) for me to print onto fabric for a collaboration piece. Originally I wanted to do this for the month of October, but that fell through, so now I’m thinking of doing in in January. Some the same thing goes, if you want to make some fabric for me to make a project out of let me know!

Thank you to everyone for helping me make it to this point!

oh, and ps…I made this today!



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7 responses to “One Hundred Already?!

  1. Okay I swear I want to do this this time. So let me know the theme and some pictures will be matched. 🙂 I’m thinking tooo!

  2. I thought your first header was very pretty and not baby-ish at all, but this layout has a little more pizzazz.

    Love the sewing machine! I want to give it a cute little sewing-related border. Maybe a needle and thread where the thread winds around the outside of the machine to frame it?

  3. I had thoughts of doing some sort of 12 Days of Christmas or Advent related theme….not sure if too specific/hard to make something out of if that was the aim?

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