New Kind of Embroidery

Monday already! I’m actually quite okay with this, I’m finally feeling better, my apartment is rearranged, and I finished four projects this weekend. I’d say I’m at a good place to start my week.

I’m seriously in love with these first two pieces that I made. I think as soon as I press the “publish” button I’ll be working on another one.

I have another hoop I painted white, I think I’m going to do something similar on it, but with chevrons.


An iPod/camera/little electronic sleeve:

And for the holidays:

Did you make anything recently that you are as excited about?


ps. the three embroideries will but up on Etsy later this week!


Filed under DIY, Embroidery, Etsy, Sewing

2 responses to “New Kind of Embroidery

  1. Love you completed projects and glad I found you by way of ftlob. I just finished making some scarves from old tshirts. Im a new follower and looking forward to seeing your future creations.

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