Paper Airplane Hat DIY

Hello! Yesterday I was in Walgreen’s picking up a prescription (I have mono! random, right?) and I walked by this orange “mens” hat.
 I loved the color, my head was cold (it was the first snow), and it was $1.99…so naturally I bought it. I felt like it needed a little something extra, so last night after I got out of work I quick embroidered a paper airplane on it before I entered slumber land. I wish I had matching gloves!

it was pretty much impossible to draw on this hat, so i attempted to trace my drawing of the airplane.


The fabric moved around so much, it was hard to get any straight lines…but then again, it would have helped if I used an embroidery hoop (duh).

As I was doing this last night, my most awesome boyfriend Bryan drew me a most awesome pattern to print onto some fabric. I just ordered a sample swatch of it. I can’t wait to see it! Who loves bacon (it looks just like veggie bacon, right?!)?

With the holiday’s coming up, don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a credit to my shop! I’m also available for commission pieces if you have anything in mind!

 ps! I have some new ideas for a couple of projects. I can’t wait to do them and share!



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2 responses to “Paper Airplane Hat DIY

  1. I fully approve of you making a bazillion of those hats and adding them to your store. That plane is CUTE.

    Also love the bacon fabric! I can only imagine what you’re going to do with that.

  2. yes yes yes i LOVE HATS LIKE THAT and i love that you embroidered on it! please make more!

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