30 Days… Complete!

Today is the last of my 30 Days of questions! I’m free! 🙂 I’m supposed to discuss my dreams, plans, and hopes for the next 365 Days.

  • Take a sewing class
  • Move into a larger apartment/house
  • Get up to 50 items for sale on my Etsy account
  • Sell an item in a local shop
  • Participate in a craft show
  • Get a job with “normal” hours
  • Learn to crochet
  • Learn to cook a new dish every week
  • Get a craft room/space to work
  • Start some sort of group/community (wherever I’m living) of sewers, DIYers, and embroiderers.
  • Go on a trip with just Bryan (it’s never happened!)
  • See my mom!
  • Make enough money to be able to save money
  • Visit Melissa
  • Move
  • Go a month (or two if I’m feeling ambitious!) without spending any money
  • Begin to make profit off my pieces
  • …and be happy 🙂
I’m excited for what’s to come this week on Too Crewel…new clothing items to share (made by me!), a new embroidery to share, completion of a wooden piece, and the announcement of a giveaway!

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