What’s in your purse? (Day 28!)

 Hello lovelies! Today I’m answering the question “what’s inside your purse?” Lately I’ve been using my tiny purse, so there isn’t room for much:

plus my camera!

Yesterday Bryan and I went to Wilcox Park for a few hours, felt inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, and had a wonderful time.

aka andrew wk

Then we made a cheesy cooking show of me making food for some reason. We’re bizarre, and I can’t cook. Isn’t our kitchen tiny?

 and ps:



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2 responses to “What’s in your purse? (Day 28!)

  1. I love that you look like a total badass but talk like the sweetest girl in the world in that video.

    I think it’s SO RAD that you brought a picture frame to the park. Genius!

    • haha, thanks lady! it’s always weird to hear how different you should on tape then you do to yourself in real life. and the picture frame at the park was so fun! you must do it and capture new york.

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