Day 22/23….whoops.

Two days in one…yesterday was hectic as hell, so I missed the post. Yesterday I was supposed to share a website, and a youtube video today. The website I’m sharing is for Threadbanger, they’re pretty awesome. Here is a video by them interviewing the maker of Sublime Stitching (one of my favorite sites).

(video is taken from Threadbanger‘s youtube page)

So yesterday I decided I wanted to dust underneath my television, and I dropped it on my hand. Ouch.

this is what it looked like yesterday (worst bruise ever!), but it is so much better today. I am a huge klutz, by the way.

 Anyone have halloween plans for the weekend?  I’m going to my hometown tonight to go out with one of my best lady friends, Kandace!


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One response to “Day 22/23….whoops.

  1. Clearly someone is telling you not to clean anymore. I think you have a legitimate excuse to hire a maid. Or to live in “Hoarders”-style filth.

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