DIY Frame, Creweled Piece & Some Hobbies

A few years ago I started collecting readers digest books I would see around at thrift shops. I must admit, I never actually read any of the stories in them, they just look so appealing.
Awesome, right? Earlier this year I saw that someone took old books and turned them into picture frames (I cannot remember where I saw this for the life of me). At first I had a hard time imagining actually cutting these things up, but ultimately  I realized they were just collecting dust.
So here is what I did:

Picked out a book and cut the pages out at the spine. Since this was the first one I had made from a cover, I started with one that had damage to it, just incase I completely screwed it up.

measured out where to cut (tip: go smaller than what you think, so there is room for error! i learned the hard way.

ta-da! I just taped the photo in with a piece of paper behind it, that way I could change it out. You could also glue it in, though.

Here is my end result, my lines are kind of wobbly, but I’m still happy with it. Now it is added to the collection of my previous “book frames:”
(the farthest one to the left is my Dad & Grandpa, and the farthest to the right is Bryan and his brother, Dan)
 Wouldn’t a collection of these on a wall somewhere look so neat?

Yesterday I also got a new creweled piece (that sounds funny, huh?)! My awesome friend Lisa got it for me from the Goodwill Outlet for THIRTY CENTS! And it’s huge!

We were kind of laughing at the fact that the text is almost impossible to read, but it is still awesome.

 Thanks Lisa!

And now for some hobbies…today is day twenty, and it asks me to share my hobbies with you. I don’t really think I need to explain this one too much, as pretty much this blog is filled with my hobbies. Aside from embroidery/creweling, sewing, DIY, and craftiness, my hobbies are playing board games, going to the gym (maybe this isn’t a “hobby”?, either way this doesn’t happen as much as it should), and spending time with pretty awesome people. What’s yours?



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