Boyfriend Freak Out: 30 Days (Day 18)

Today is the day I get to freak Bryan out, and show him what could some day turn into me being one hell of a bridezilla (hopefully not…on both accounts).

Today of the 30 Days asks for:
My wedding/future wedding/past wedding 

So here it is. We’ve talked about having something extremely simple to alleviate all of the stress that comes with a wedding, and we’ve also talked about eloping, and just having a reception when we return. Bryan said he wants swimming, and I want fall. Battle of the sexes? I just know whenever we do decide to get married, I want it to be cozy, and not a show.

Here is one of my favorite weddings I have seen (from Danni over at oh, hello friend):
     (to view sources click on images)

So cute! It’s like an antique shop.



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2 responses to “Boyfriend Freak Out: 30 Days (Day 18)

  1. Rachael Miller

    Good thing you have a crafty sister to help you with that cozy, antique wedding! If Bryan wants swimming, I’ll push him in a lake. 🙂

  2. haha, Bryan said “noooo don’t push me in a lake!”

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