Owl Halloween Costume DIY

I haven’t been able to dress up for Halloween the past few years, because I was always working. This year I finally get to, though! I’ve wanted to make this costume for the past couple of years, and I’m so happy I finally got to. I’m in love with it, check out how I made it, and after I get to wear it, I’ll share that too 🙂

First things first, pick out your color palette!
Once you’ve got the colors narrowed down, here is what you do:

Step One: “Making” a dress. I was going to make one from scratch, but I had a couple pieces of clothing laying around that were in need of being retired anyways. I used an American Apparel skirt, took it in so it to fit, cropped a top, and sewed it in to make a dress. It you have a solid colored dress laying around you’re willing to part with, you could eliminate this step.

Step Two: Cut out the feathers. I probably ended up with 50 or so. I cut mine into chevron shapes, but you could oval shapes, and try and make them look like actual feathers.

Step Three: Pin them onto your dress in whatever order you chose!
Step four: Sew them on! I started on the bottom and worked my way up. I used the sewing machine, but you could also hand sew them on if you don’t have one. I sewed a small straight line across the squared off part of each “feather.” (and watch law and order: svu as i did it 🙂 )

Step five: Try it on! See if you need any more “feathers” added, or any other adjustments. I only did the front of mine, but if I had more time I would have done the back as well (I need it for tonight so I was in a hurry!). If I would have done it again, I would have folded the edges over for the top pieces, and sewn on the little lip to hide the seam. Oh well! It almost looks street wearable, doesn’t it?

I just need to iron it, and trim up a few little strays.

It is going to be paired with brown sweater tights (hopefully it will mimic the texture of bird legs), and this cute little mask I just made!
 I made it would of felt (with a double layer of the brown to make it more sturdy), and just sewed it with embroidery floss. I put it on my face and it seemed to tight fit, so I glued a piece of cardboard to the back, and now it sits off my face.

What are you being for Halloween?



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2 responses to “Owl Halloween Costume DIY

  1. This is ADORABLE! I love it 🙂

  2. sandra zazula

    so cute!

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