30 Days: Day 9 (Outfit Help and Hair Sneak Peak)

It is finally the weekend. I was hoping to go to a pumpkin patch/orchard today, but it is so windy here that I think it would be a failure. So, instead I’ll go out to eat, go to the gym, do some homework, work on a kindle sleeve (a tutorial will be up this week!), and go to work. An orchard sounds better. What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m on nine days into my 30 Days of Questions. Today asks to share:
A photo you took.
I’m going to use this as an excuse to get outfit advice and give a peak of my new hair!

Ignore our messy bedroom at the moment...but which boots should I wear? Left or right? Girl advice is necessary, Bryan can only take so many questions about outfits 🙂

So this is my hair before, the red faded to an awful color. I'm naturally blonde (despite what my eyebrows would lead you to believe), so dark color doesn't really last in my hair.

ta-da! I was going for a sci-fi futuristicish feel. It is still the same style haircut as before (longer on the other side), just a shorter version.


 Outfit details:
Dress: ModCloth
Tights: Forever21
Boots (both pairs): DSW
Earrings: Boo and Boo Factory on Etsy
Necklace: Forever21

So which boots, ladies?!



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4 responses to “30 Days: Day 9 (Outfit Help and Hair Sneak Peak)

  1. Black ones. Better contrast with the tights! However, both look good with the outfit!


  2. Melissa

    Love the dress and I’m definitely digging the black boots to complete the look! They are a better height for the length of the dress, in my opinion at least. Lookin’ fab, babe.

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