Featured Friends: Abbey Moore

I’m so excited to feature Abbey Moore! Abbey is the first person I’ve featured that I know outside of the blogging world, she’s been a friend of mine for almost nine years now (I didn’t realized it’d been that long, Abbey!). She is talented at absolutely everything she does…especially taking photos. Her company is called Abbey Lee Photography, and I’m dying to have her take my picture…soon you will be too!

So without further adieu, meet my lovely friend Abbey!

so who am i? i’m a michigan state university journalism graduate currently living and working in milwaukee, wisconsin as a graphic designer. i am passionate about many things, (my dog, traveling to cali, harry potter, dance, college football) but nothing comes close to my love of hitting the shutter and taking a picture.

why did pictures become my passion? well, probably because i LOVE nostalgia. it’s a beautiful thing, really. nostalgia allows us to relive, embrace and explore the events of our past in order to have a greater appreciation of the present. when you look back at pictures, i don’t want my clients to just remember what they were wearing, i want them to feel like they are reliving that moment. whether it’s a photo of a wedding day or a portrait of buddy the dog, i want the photos i take to represent things exactly as they were. because reality truly is beautiful. 

and i mean it when i say i will gladly take pictures of WHATEVER… your dog, your cat, your baby, your husband, your face…. whatever moments you want to cherish. :):)”

her dog is the cutest.

(all images via facebook or sent directly from Abbey.)

Want more? How to find Abbey on the web:



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5 responses to “Featured Friends: Abbey Moore

  1. Our dogs are kind of twins. Also I like Abby’s spelled in various ways.

  2. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch good pictures.

    I like what Abbey said about photos of the past helping us appreciate the present. I get really wrapped up in documenting my life and worry sometimes that I’m spending too much time preserving the past and not enough time living in the present. I’m going to use Abbey as my excuse now!

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