Fall Festivities and 30 Days: Day 3

This weekend will oozing with fall. Which can only mean one thing…best weekend ever. Saturday we went to Cranes Orchard in Fennville, MI with Bryan’s family. Sunday we grilled out, carved pumpkins, and watched “scary” movies. Some of my favorite things all in one weekend? Yes!

Bryan says this is "pure michigan." i have to agree.

not so good.


My pumpkin was a failure, so I just cut a giant hole in it, and Bryan's says "Grundle Rumpids" which is his name for our city (Grand Rapids). Our friend Tony's turned out well...but it in true Tony nature, was inappropriate 🙂

My new coat came this weekend, too!

Did you do anything fallish?


Moving forward with my 30 Day Challenge, the question for today is:

What is your favorite book?

Eugenides is my favorite author. I’m sad that he only has two books published (the other one is The Virgin Suicides), but the good news is that he has a new book coming out! I’m so freaking excited.



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5 responses to “Fall Festivities and 30 Days: Day 3

  1. He also has a lot of fabulous short stories! Christmas present for Liesi, perhaps?

    Love the pictures. You’re killing me with the Michigan fall stuff! I’m missing my favorite time of year!



  2. Dude, yeah, I just read Middlesex a few months ago and thought it was life-changing. So much better than 100 Years of Solitude, which I thought was similar in its many-generations theme.

    Nice pumpkin! That’s about my artistic skill level, too.

    • I was so sad when I finished it! So then I made my boyfriend read it. I haven’t heard of 100 Years of Solitude before (i’m a shitbag). I’ll have to look it up.

      Thanks about the pumpkin- it’s just asking to be smashed.

  3. The other one that was similar to Middlesex that I loved was Fall on your Knees by Ann Marie Macdonald–check that one out if you haven’t read it!

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