Etsy Adoration & Weekend Wrap Up All in One

It was a rainy day over here yesterday, and again today. It makes it hard to have any energy to get out of bed, especially when you are feeling under the weather. Did everyone have a relaxing weekend? I worked thirds this weekend, which always mixes up my sleep schedule, so I spent half of yesterday sleeping in. Bryan and I were going to go to The Melting Pot for dinner, and then see 30 Minutes or Less (mostly just because it was filmed in the city we live), but instead we stayed in, ordered Chinese, did some homework, worked on a art project together, and played a board game. We were both feeling ill, so it was nice to stay in…even though we got a little stir crazy.

Somewhat going along with last weeks theme, this week will be an outdoor theme. Todays Etsy finds are ones that all made me want to get outside.

Most original pocket watch ever.

Love these branch coasters!


Cuff Links!

I want the green one.

I collect magnets from all of the places I've been...would this not be the perfect edition?! A magnet wooden map!...and it is a puzzle.






 click on images to view sources



 now I’m off to finish my tea & pistachio muffin before work!



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