Weekend Adventures

Hello kinder! I hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic. Here is what I did the past few days!

Found this perfect chair in the woods!


Snapping Turtle!

...and then i ended up walking through the water, too.

I made these stamps, but did the Too Crewel one backwards. Whoops.

best game ever.

Next week I’m starting a new schedule for Too Crewel (which is subject to change based on how well I can balance it between work and school)!:

  • Sunday: Weekend Wrap Up/New Projects for the Week
  • Monday: Etsy Adoration
  • Tuesday: Featured Artist/Blog
  • Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday: Random Post/Update on Projects
  • Friday: Pinterest Pretties
  • Saturday: Random/Off Day

 PS! Tomorrow is the last day for my My Memories Suite and Soaring Heights Giveaway! Don’t forget to enter!


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5 responses to “Weekend Adventures

  1. what a fun weekend! and i don’t think i’ve mentioned this before, but i LOVE your hair! the color is gorgeous and i’ve always loved pixie cuts :]

  2. Thanks so much! It is the easiest haircut to manage in the world!

  3. Love the hair, the leaf, the shirt, the chair and he St Pellegrino in the background (it makes me feel like I’m with you by way of sparkling water, or as the French call it, gassy water).

  4. Great photos! I want to sit in that wood chair!!
    And I like your new weekly schedule

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