Chevron Bag: Completed (finally!)

This project was supposed to be the second to last in my 30 Day Challenge for August, however it ended up taking two weeks due to workin’ my butt off at the pizza shop. I ended up having to cut out my last project, but I am excited to announce that the bag is finally completed!

click on image to enlarge

Now the question is, do I keep it or post it up on etsy?

I’m working on a couple little projects, and I’ll have those to share tomorrow!



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11 responses to “Chevron Bag: Completed (finally!)

  1. Love it! It looks so good!!

  2. Too cute! I’m in love with any chevrons lately so I love love love your bag!

  3. wow! super cute! I would have a hard time deciding whether to keep it for myself too…but at least you know it would sell quickly!!! Visiting from FTLOB!!!! Love your site!

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  5. This is way too cute! I want one! haha

    You have a great blog by the way šŸ™‚


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