Show Some Love

Happy Saturday! I just wanted to give a quick post sharing my excitement that I won my first giveaway (and it is an amazing one)! I won the Show Some Love giveaway, hosted by Rachell at No Mark At All.  So this means that my blog button will be up at one of my very favorite blogs for the month of September- Wild Olive! I’m going to go jump with joy now 🙂


ps. I’ll have an update tomorrow on Week 3 of my challenge, the chevron bag!







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7 responses to “Show Some Love

  1. Congrats on both your wins!! 🙂 Dropping by from the Comment Love hop…

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Congratulations! Getting those blog buttons around is a good idea for people to know your out there, indeed. Wishing you a delightful Sunday 🙂

  3. Congratulations. I never won anything 😦 haha

    I got here through For The Love Of Blogs. Glad I bumped into your blog. It’s adorable 🙂

    Maybe you could come visit me too sometime.. Have a very nice weekend!

  4. Yay, Liesi! That kicks ass!

    It’ll be inspiring to make sure to have some great projects during September so that you will get some traffic that sticks!

    What’s your next 30 day challenge going to be? If you don’t know yet then I suppose I can be patient, lol.


  5. PS: Speaking of buttons… you’ll want to get rid of my old one on your page… it doesn’t work anymore!

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