A Tree Worth Sharing

Today after it stormed Bryan and I went for a walk around the neighborhood/downtown, and saw a tree that had fallen down. The coloring of it was so beautiful, I had never seen anything like it before!

I have to make something with these colors! Ideas?

ps. just because I thought they were cute.

pss. Tomorrow I will post my completion (hopefully) of my project for Week 2 of this months 30 Days, and share a little bit about my project for Week 3! This one you can wear 🙂

psss. (this is getting ridiculous, i know) Today I started a gluten free diet, right now it is just a trial period, however hopefully it will ease at least some of my daily discomfort and become a lifestyle!



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4 responses to “A Tree Worth Sharing

  1. Oh, my goodness! It looks like a Butterfinger candy bar, no? So cool!

  2. Stopping by from For Blogs! Love the blog, excited to follow 🙂

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