Week Two & Excitement!

Week two of this months challenge has arrived! This week I am doing a tea towel/tapestry called “Soaring Heights.” This one will be going up for sale on Etsy (along with the rest of the projects from this challenge), and it is going to be a hard one for me to part with.

The overall fabric is a seafoam green, and 100% kona cotton (it is super soft!). There is going to be a sun and clouds added in 100% cotton fabric as well, and the rest is embroidery. The color palette is full of pastels (my favorite). Here is a peek at it so far!

I had to double fold the edges on the reverse side and iron them down so they looked nice and clean.

This is the mountains on it, above the sun and clouds will be done in yellow and white fabric.


Okay, now on to the excitement of today (aside from start this tea towel!)…I was featured as blog of the week on Soft Voice of a Free Spirit ! Thank you again, Irene!!

Now I’m off to embroider some more before I have to go to work, too bad embroidering just isn’t my job. 🙂







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2 responses to “Week Two & Excitement!

  1. Congrats on your feature and good luck on your challenges! ^-^

  2. bryandsmith10

    this will be DOPE!!!!!!!!

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