Home Sweet Apartment.

Well we are back in The Mitten from The Sunshine State! Florida was relaxing, fun, nostalgic, full of new memories, great friends and family, laughs, good conversation, and sunshine. It is always nice to be in the comfort of your home (or tiny apartment), though.

 I thought these wreaths were really pretty.

Seafood Boil!

(You can see the rest of the Florida photos on Facebook…that is if we are ‘friends’)

While Bryan and I were away it was also our two year anniversary! A few posts back I shared a moss pendant necklace by The Whirlwind. I was surprised to find out that my boyfriend got this for me as our anniversary present! I’m so excited about it, it is beautiful. To top it off she now has a matching ring…to buy, or not to buy?


Now the vacation is over, and it is back to work as usual! Sunday begins my new 30 Day’s of project making so I’ll be busy as hell until then preparing. I’ll have that timeline done on Friday or so…stay tuned!



ps. Last month Too Crewel had 284 visits! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This month it will be three months old, they grow up so fast! 🙂

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  1. Visiting from for the love of blogs. I love that surfing picture! And also I am very impressed with your embroidery.

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