Recycled Shirt Turned Skirt

One day I was window shopping at one of my favorite stores, and they had a button up shirt they turned into a skirt. Every time I went on the site I was questioning whether or not I should purchase it, and then I thought “DUH. Just make one.” It just so happened that in May I picked up some old shirts from Salvation Army, thinking I could use them as scrap fabric.  One of them was the perfect candidate for a skirt:

                      (super sweaty)

Ta-da! All it took was a few cuts, and adding elastic to the waist. It is a little big though, so next time around I need to either use a smaller shirt, or cut more of the fabric out. I thought it would be fine as the elastic was measured to the size of my waist, but it looks all bunched up. Nothing that a belt can’t fix, though!



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5 responses to “Recycled Shirt Turned Skirt

  1. Melissa

    That is so brilliantly adorable! Nice work, baby.

  2. thats super cute!!!! What a great idea!

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