Three down!

Today I finished three pillows! One of which I’ve made over the past few days for my sister, and the other two I made over a month ago and I just had to finish up. So of course I have photos to share!

This first one is for my sister Rachael. Bryan and I will be heading down to St. Augustine (Florida) in less than two weeks to visit her (plus much more family!), and this will be my gift to her upon arrival! I made some stamps (my first ones!) for the polka dots, and the flowers/bird are out of felt. It reminds me of spring or early summer. Oh, and while I’m on the topic, my brother-in-laws gift when we go down there will be made by Bryan…it is going to be Robocop themed, and awesome.  

The next one I finished is this cute little owl! I also used felt on this one for the belly, beak, and giant eyes.

The last ones detail is, surprise!, done with felt. I love this one, but round pillows are such a pain to do! This is the first one I have done, and it is in no way a perfectly symmetrical circle.  Maybe next time?

Now off to bed!

ps. tomorrow there will be a familiar item (or maybe two?) posted up for sale on etsy! 


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6 responses to “Three down!

  1. I love the fish & underwater scene! So crafty!

  2. Hi! I am loving your embroidery work!!! I just picked up embroidery and i’m loving it. I’ve been busy with my other projects, but will definitely pick up some new embroidery work soon! keep up the great work! i love your “know your roots” idea too!

    • Thanks so much, I didn’t pick it until last Christmas or so, but now that I started I am so addicted! I’ll be sure to check out what you’re working on, and look for your future embroidery projects as well!

  3. Hi Liesl, saw you at comment love day. These pillows are so cute, I love the sea horses and octopus one :-O pretty!

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