Stampin’ and Relaxin’




This afternoon Bryan and I came home from a weekend spent at the beach, among friends and family, and sleeping in a camper. It was such a great weekend, but I’m glad to be home and am looking forward to things this week! I have to take a second and promote my boyfriend… what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t? Tomorrow him and the other members of Lampshade Fantasies are having their first life show. It is at Dog Story Theater, they go on at nine. Go, go, go!
Once I got home and settled today I decided it was time to try and carve a stamp out of the linoleum block I got after I read Printing by Hand. I did some polka dots at first to try something simple, and when that was proven to be successful I tried to do a mushroom. 


The mushrooms look terrible, but trial and error, right? I also did the mushroom stamp on tan fabric, I’m thinking I’m going to turn it into either a bag or pillow with a large felt mushroom overtop of it. If it is a bag then I can turn the felt mushroom into a front pocket? I don’t know, I have too many different projects I need to finish right now before I even start that one.

That’s all for now…time to work on Florida and finish this cheesy movie!



ps. I got some pretty colored new floss, too!












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