Embroidery and fun.

Hello friends! What’s new, you ask? Well… I ordered some supplies online so I can make stamps to create my own patterned fabric. I’m pretty excited for that to arrive! The first thing I plan to do is a pillow for my sister, Rachael. But that is all I can tell you because it is a surprise! Aside from that I started my Florida embroidery for my “Know your Roots” series. I haven’t made much progress because I’ve been busy having too much fun. But here is the outline…

So far I’m planning to add the following places/landmarks to it:

  • Disney (of course!)
  • The Kennedy Space Center
  • The Everglades (maybe an Alligator?)
  • Naples
  • The Fort in St. Augustine
  • A star for the capital
Anything big you think I’m missing?

As I mentioned I’ve been busy having fun, here are some of those fun things! I hope everyone else had a good holiday weekend.

ps. Bryan and I are going to Florida to visit my sister on the 28th. Working on my Florida embroidery is making me so giddy! Did I just say giddy?


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3 responses to “Embroidery and fun.

  1. Such cool pictures from the 4th! You are gorgeous!

  2. PS: I specifically love your earring, your hair, your shirt, and your sunglasses (everything about you).

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