Hump day.

Today marks two weeks into my “30 Days of no restaurant food” challenge! The first couple of days were most definitely a struggle, but things just seem “normal” now. I’ve learned to bring meals from home to eat at work, and to tell the difference in hunger versus boredom. It feels good not filling your body with who knows what. Everyone should try this, even just for a week. With only two weeks left in this challenge, any suggestions for the next month? I was thinking of possibly finishing four sewing/embroidery projects by the end of the month, allowing one project a week. What do you think?

Yesterday I organized by thread box. This one small thing enabled me to sit down, and work on my Michigan piece. The less clutter there is the better I can work. I have noticed that if my surroundings are messy, my work will reflect that. This is how the piece is looking so far. Most everything is completed (besides the header, couple of the lake names, some touch-ups and add ins.).

Oh! I’ve narrowed out my idea of doing felt lettering for the header on it, but now there is the decision of thin or fat block lettering. Ideas?

edit: I finished the letters! I decided to do them in a multi-colored yarn. Here it is!
It is not completed, it still needs the touch-ups, and a frame.



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2 responses to “Hump day.

  1. sandra zazula

    very nice!

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