Progression, progression, progression.

Today turned out to be quite the rainy day! Bryan and I went for a post-rain walk and found that our railing for our porch blew off! I can’t complain about the rain, though. It allowed me to get a small chunk of my Michigan embroidery done. So far I am really happy with how it is coming together, but there is still a lot to do. Here is a sneak peak of how it is looking so far:

For the light house I used a blending technique where I mixed two different color floss’ together (you can find out how to do this on Sublime Stitching’s website!). The colors ended up looking really nice together. I’m  doing the title (“♥ Michigan ♥”) above it in felt versus embroidery. I thought it’d give it more texture, and a punch of color. The Great Lakes will still be done in a cursive embroidery, though. What do you think? Do you think felt would be too much of a contrast?



ps. As midnight strikes I will have officially made it one week without indulging in any restaurant food! Only three more to go 🙂





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2 responses to “Progression, progression, progression.

  1. This is looking uber cute…fyi! I can tell that you are getting even better with every project!

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